Affiliate Summit West Survival Guide: Top 5 Tips

January 18, 2015
Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

We’re excited for the Affiliate Summit West 2015 conference starting today! For those of you first-timers, here are a few essential tips.

  1. Creep on LinkedIn to find pictures of the clients you will be meeting with if you have never met them before. Nothing is more awkward at a conference than leering at everyone’s badges trying to figure out who’s who.    
  2. Don’t forget to have some snacks on hand. You never know when you’ll finally be able to sit down for a meal.
  3. Vegas is a germ fest. Don’t forget your Airborne and hand sanitizer. You will have to return to work eventually…
  4. Don’t forget your comfy shoes—you will be walking and standing all day.
    …But also don’t forget your dancing shoes for networking events at night! 
  5. If you partake in late night dining (ahem, 3 am fast food runs) be prepared to see your clients/partners doing the same. 

ASW is a great event where you can work hard and play hard with your clients. Please reach out if you want to meet up with the ROI·DNA team: See you in the desert!

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