Building our remote culture at ROI·DNA

October 11, 2020
Working Remote Scaled2

Our work culture has four core values: 1) Bring your whole self, 2) Be inventive, 3) Do it right, and 4) No assholes. We also have other goals, including fundraising for nonprofits, community volunteerism, and reducing our carbon footprint. We have worked from home every Thursday since inception 11 years ago plus every other Friday for the last year and a half.

Culture is the number one reason ROI·DNA exists. Building and growing the culture has been a blast in our vibrant workspaces in San Francisco and Austin. When we started ROI·DNA 11 years ago, we could have never imagined the calculated leap we are taking now. COVID-19 has given us not just a pause from working in our offices, but a golden opportunity to evolve several core values.

Changing the way we think about “the office” and untethering our team to let our culture flourish takes some ginormous steps. As of this blog’s writing, we are officially letting go of both of our offices. Instead of just looking to get back to the status quo, we are stepping forward into zero commutes, hyper-reducing our carbon footprint, a more geographically diverse workforce, and more virtual team events than we ever thought possible. We’ve instituted various virtual happy hours, group coffees, group yoga sessions, libation tasting sessions, and drag bingo. Plus, we have a more thoughtful onboarding process for new hires, more frequent 1x1s, and are always looking for ways to add events and check-ins to continue building our remote community of ROIers. There are many more events to come, but our culture is thriving in this 100% remote-work environment, not to mention that we’ve added over ten new team members in the last four months as we grow into the next phase of ROI·DNA. We feel super lucky, fortunate, and grateful to be providing new jobs in the economy at this time.

Don’t get me wrong. We will be doing in-person events and meetups as soon as it is safe and responsible for our employees, our communities, and our extended families. However, we are working immediately on inventive new ideas for collaboration, team building, culture expansion, and activism.

What will the future hold? Our vision is to have inspiring team events where we get together twice a year as a company at some fantastic location to hang out, learn something, and share meals. We also hope to have local events where we have pods of ROIers meet up and work together in-person over coffee. We will most definitely spend less time in cars, more time with friends and family, have a reduced impact on the planet, and will continue to have lots of fun!


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