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May 7, 2014
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This week we’re in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the cleverbridge networking event. cleverbridge is a well-known e-commerce platform with powerful tools and excellent service. We work with cleverbridge to help software businesses grow, combining our digital marketing services, and their platform. When we’re evaluating a business’ affiliate marketing program, we start by suggesting which networks are the best fit for that business.

Merchants have many affiliate networks to choose from, each with particular strengths. Finding a cart that comes integrated with an affiliate marketing platform, robust tools, quality publishers and top-notch support is always a win for a merchant.

cleverbridge leads this pack. Their integrated platform allows merchants to get running with affiliate marketing without the additional time and costs associated with setup often found with third party affiliate networks.

cleverbridge allows a merchant to extend their products, ad creative and cart to affiliate partners directly through a single platform. A merchant can use the same set of link management and reporting tools for e-commerce and affiliate marketing through a single-user login and interface.

Simple = better.

That integration means no downtime for a network, no pixel setup and no third party tracking script between cart and affiliates. Integrating affiliate tracking directly from the cart provides real-time tracking without needing to navigate an additional platform.

Many affiliate networks require fees for integration, monthly minimums and contract termination. cleverbridge charges strictly on a transactional basis. Advertisers only pay a percentage of the sale on the completed cart action – a low risk model for businesses new to affiliate marketing.

Of course, no affiliate network is worth a dime without productive affiliate partners. For cleverbridge, the maxim “less is more” applies. Affiliates are in exclusive partnerships, not a part of other networks – a unique pool of partners on a pay for performance basis.

Many affiliates come to cleverbridge due to the reputation of the company’s affiliate managers, known for building strong, direct relationships. Advertisers are able to opt into management services where a dedicated account manager will help with implementation, strategy development and best practices to grow the program. cleverbridge takes a very boutique approach to affiliate account management and will ensure each program is set up for optimal success.

So if you are a software or cloud merchant looking for a cart and affiliate marketing platform, cleverbridge is a great choice. Get in touch if you want to talk more about what solution would make the most sense for growing your business’ affiliate marketing program.

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