SF Design Week at ROI·DNA: The Balance Between Brand and Function

June 12, 2018
ROI·DNA's Design Week event

I’ve been following Hello Monday since I first discovered their beautiful websites on the awwwards. A site they designed for National Geographic, A Bear’s Eye View of Yellowstone, caught my attention with its beautiful imagery, unique experience, and meaningful interactions. Hello Monday’s work is mostly brand-experience focused. This gives them plenty of opportunities to play with motion and visuals to create really engaging experiences. I often look to them when I want to see great examples of motion on the web. If you are a designer, chances are you’ve already seen one of their sites — they are also the agency behind the FWA redesign.

Here at ROI, our sites are more focused on the balance between brand-extension and conversion, as we strive to keep the user’s experience clear and intuitive. Many of the websites we design are geared towards helping businesses explain their product in a succinct and digestible way but at the same time focus on conversion KPIs. A few examples include www.demandbase.commarchex.com or globalid.net. We help businesses communicate and expand awareness about their brand in order to increase and convert users. ROI’s design team is constantly looking to push design as much as possible. Our clients are innovators and forward thinkers, often leaders in their respective tech verticals and we, as their agency, must match them in creativity and out of the box thinking. And we love every part of it!

Both of our agencies strive to make beautiful online experiences but often, with different goals in mind. And on that note, we’re really excited for what’s about to happen tonight at our SF Design Week event, The Balance between Brand and Function. ROI’s CEO and Founder, Matt Quirie will be speaking alongside strategist Katie Hertel from Hello Monday to explain the benefits of both types of marketing and the interaction between them.

Please join us at ROI for this unique discussion plus some great company, refreshments, and a live band after the presentation!

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