Gender and Diversity at ROI·DNA

January 28, 2015
ROI diversity

The underrepresentation of women in tech is an issue we are all aware of – it is very present here in the Bay Area. You see it in a multitude of tech companies, from the group of guys starting a small company out of their garage to tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Statistics have shown that women make up only about ⅓ of the tech workforce; and an even smaller percentage of women occupy leadership roles in the industry [click here for more detailed statistics].

Here at ROI·DNA we foster a diverse environment. 3 out of the 5 members of our Executive Team are women and 45% of our current managerial roles are occupied by women.

Our Exec Team celebrating ROI·DNA’s 5-year anniversary.

These statistics are a result of our company philosophy that has been instilled since day one by Matt Quirie, CEO at ROI·DNA. Executive Team member Becky Barton, VP of Human Resources, comments:

“Matt believes in surrounding himself with the most talented people; regardless of gender or race. Our Exec Team is an example of that – it was entirely built by Matt and sets the tone for the rest of ROI·DNA.”

The running club at ROI·DNA… minus a few members!

Vanessa Krumb, CMO and Head of Product at ROI·DNA, provides her perspective on the topic:

“As a member of the exec staff, I hadn’t thought specifically about diversity and inclusion for women, until someone actually pointed out to me how impressed she was to see so many women in management positions at the company. I was lucky to not have to even think about how being a woman might limit my career options. It’s just part of the culture we’ve developed, across both the men and women here, that allows us to give people opportunities based on merit.”

At ROI·DNA, the concept of a work-life balance includes great perks in the kitchen – like never-ending snacks, kegs of beer, and the game room – but it goes beyond that. Bringing your self to work, whoever you are, is encouraged. There is an awareness that supporting people in their lives outside of work helps people perform better at work. The company supports us as people, not just resources.

Michelle Harburn, Executive Team member and COO at ROI·DNA quotes:

“We didn’t fall into diversity. It’s something we think about and encourage as we continue to grow our organization. Diversity isn’t just about age, race, sex – it’s about background and thoughts too.”

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