Google International Growth Program

April 27, 2021
Google International Growth Program

Today we are super stoked to announce that Google has chosen us to join their International Growth Program, a key cornerstone of growing our 100% B2B and ABM initiatives internationally. As a premier partner in this program, ROI·DNA gains access to internal Google tools and resources, allowing us to drive even stronger returns for our clients’ international expansion efforts. With industry-leading partners like Google, Salesforce, and Drift, we have been able to drive world-class results quarter after quarter for our clients for the past 11+ years. Raising a glass to the next 11 years because we are just getting started! 🙂

We want to give a big thanks to all the ROI·DNAers who have worked hard on this partnership, the opportunity to work so closely with our incredible clients, and an especially big thanks to Google for recognizing us as one of the leading digital agencies on the market.

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