GTM Strategy, Web Redesign & Media Plan fuel 400%+ increase in pipeline for Flexential

November 17, 2023
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While ABX primarily revolves around marketing and sales, web design should not be excluded from any ABX plan. It plays a crucial role in executing this strategy effectively via:

  1. Personalized Website Experiences
  2. Dynamic Content
  3. Optimized User Journeys
  4. Responsive Design for Multi-Channel Consistency- various digital touchpoints including and beyond the website, including emails, landing pages, social media and ad creative.
What we did for Flexential- the whole package:
  • Paid media go-to-market strategy
  • New ad creative
  • Website strategy, competitive analysis
  • Website Redesign
  • User journey refresh
  • SEO
  • Brand positioning
  • Content and messaging
  • A web refresh of
  • Take the existing brand and see how we can expand it
  • Increase conversions via forms filled out- get a quote and contact us
  • Create CTA hierarchy and a clear user flow
  • Accelerate pipeline revenue
  • Does not appeal to the target audience via visuals or content
  • Confusing user flow- Some of the top-level navigation items drive back to the homepage
  • Broken page links
  • Low Marketing Maturity
  • Disjointed ABX Strategy
  • Content not tailored to ICP
Flexential Website Before 1
Flexential Website Before 1

– Before –

  • Hero doesn’t speak to new visitors -91% of users are new on the site
  • Hero is being over-utilized for promotions instead of explaining what Flexential does
  • No social proof: logos, testimonials or ROI stats
  • Excessive use of white text on dark backgrounds makes it hard to read
  • Generic, outdated design
  • Limited color pallet, all blues
  • Doesn’t adhere to ADA standards
  • Lack of supporting visuals to support site storytelling

Redesign Process:
  • Started with mood boards to find the right level of design expansion
  • Explored a humanistic photography style for better conversion and to engage the audience
  • Brought in Flexential’s vision- “driving the connected world as a design layer”
  • Visualized Flexential’s mission- “Accelerating customer success through people and technology”
  • Created diverse, engaging content that uses images, copy, stats, quotes and video 

– After –

200%+ increase in MQL

250%+ increase in SQL

400%+ increase in Pipeline

Flexential Weibsite After 1
Flexential Website After
  • Created a humanistic photography style for better conversion and to connect with audience more
  • Redefined the branding bracket
  • Responsive, Figma-based designs so that multiple designers can work together quickly and consistently
  • High-contrast CTAs created
  • Expanded color pallet
  • Updated branded messaging
  • Updated user journeys
  • Increased awareness with always-on-brand campaigns
  • Full funnel approach to campaigns

Incorporating web design into your ABX strategy is essential for creating engaging, personalized, and conversion-focused experiences for high-value accounts. It helps ensure that your website aligns with your ABX goals, effectively communicates your value proposition, and drives desired actions from your target accounts, ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships and increased revenue.

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