Use it or lose it: how to use your end-of-year marketing spend to drive stronger results in 2023

November 15, 2022
2020 06 21 Time Is Running Out

Every marketing leader knows this scenario all too well. You go to bat to defend every marketing dollar in your budget, work hard to stay within it, and yet invariably, at the end of the year, you have some left. Oh, and don’t forget those last-minute incremental funds coming in hot. The real bummer of it all? If you don’t use them, you will have less to go to work with next year.

Here are my top picks for putting those remaining marketing dollars to good use and setting your revenue teams up for a successful 2023.

  • Prepare for the future by moving over to Google Analytics 4 today. GA4 allows you to see holistic user journeys, uses ML to fill your data gaps, and offers predictive capabilities to grow your business more efficiently. Learn more about our GA4 migration packages here.
  • Mature ABM programs drive an average of 73% of their companies’ total revenue…and every mature ABM program has to start somewhere! Make this the year that counts by kicking off your ABM strategy to drive more efficient revenue in 2023.
  • Set your tech-stack stack up for success. Revenue teams are constantly being asked to do more with less. Start by aligning your disconnected data sources and setting up integrations for the right mix of intent, AI, ML, and first-party data insights. Curious how we do it at ROI·DNA? Book some time with me.
  • Refresh your Creative. We all know that successful campaigns depend on good creative, and that better ads deliver bigger profits, yet generating enough creative is often where marketing departments find themselves stuck without adequate resources. As AI and ML begin to work harder for us, great ads will become even more critical to deploy as a strong signal for what’s effective and what to optimize. Take a peek at our creative packages, tailor-made to unblock your creative bottlenecks in 2023.
  • Start playing the long game. Organic traffic is integral to every company’s ability to rise above the noise and drive high-intent traffic, yet many marketing teams are under-resourced for search engine optimization. SEO typically takes 3-6 months to start to show results, to make an impact on next year’s traffic you need to begin today. Curious to see where you stack up your ability to drive organic traffic in 2023? Schedule an SEO audit here.

Next year will be challenging, and that’s why it will be fun. There are many opportunities for the smart, agile marketer planning for success today to drive more efficient revenue tomorrow. Get in touch with ABX and digital strategy experts today!

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