ROI·DNA: 10 Years and Counting!

October 23, 2019
Celebrating 10 Years

10 years ago today, ROI·DNA was formed.

In October of 2009 people were hiring consulting firms that just didn’t produce results. SEO was still shrouded in vague wizardry and although paid media channels had evolved, most were approached in silos. Conversion rate optimization and website design were constantly changing but much of the same was happening across the web–a simple button test here or there. Holistic views on go-to-market strategies were few and far between. An opportunity was just sitting there waiting to be taken and a coordinated leap of faith has landed us as one of the best digital agencies out there today. 

ROI·DNA didn’t start with the full suite of offerings at first. We began with a few core game-changers: paid media optimization & conversion rate optimization working together. The main offerings came together within the first half a year of our existence and over the next year, we developed an entire suite of services that aligned with all things digital.

The most important part of this journey has been two-fold: 

1. We’ve built a culture of smart, self-starting game-changers that hold true to our “No Assholes” policy but, more importantly, enjoy hanging out together and supporting each other on the journey.

Not everyone is the same (thank goodness), not everyone has the same ideas (phew), the average Subject Matter Expert has 12 years of experience (wowza), and we get to do exciting things for badass clients.

2. Our clients (we like to call them partners) experience GINORMOUS rates of growth through the results we deliver for them. This part is highlighted by how many repeat customers we get when a partner of ROI·DNA gets a new job.

The usual call is the following: The partner calls… “I’ve moved to a new company, you ready to go?” ROI·DNA answers “Hell yes, Whahooooooie!” and off we go designing and implementing new digital strategies, hooking up digital analytics, and running digital marketing programs. Did we mention we are a digital agency? 🙂

10 years later we are expanding into new cities and having more fun than ever. Thank you to all the ROIers and all the partners who have made this possible through teamwork, trust, and holding the ground with our NO ASSHOLES policy! Here’s to 10 more years of making a GINORMOUS impact on our clients’ success. Whahooooooie!

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