Using Domo to Uncover Optimization Opportunities in Your Data

March 18, 2016
Uncover Optimization Opportunities in Your Data with Domo

We live in the age of data. Over the past several years we’ve seen companies from nearly every industry actively exploring how they can use their data in new ways. Because of this, we’ve also witnessed a rise in business intelligence tools that aggregate a company’s data to uncover previously hidden opportunities. Of all the tools in this space, Domo reigns supreme. With a simple goal of helping companies make faster, data-driven decisions, Domo is transforming the way companies interact with and leverage their data, and is leading an optimization revolution in the process.

Connecting Data

Of the many reasons why Domo has become one of the fastest growing business intelligence tools, perhaps none is more important than its ability to connect to any source of data and consolidate it into one intuitive platform. With over 450 connectors like SQL databases, CSV files, Salesforce, and more, Domo can connect to practically any data source you’ve ever heard of and eliminate the need to live in an “alt + tab” world where you constantly jump between different spreadsheets and applications.

“Through this process Domo has absorbed a lot of costly labor. In order to create reports this robust in the past you used to have to outsource an entire team,” says Mark Goold, ROI·DNA’s Business Intelligence Visualization Engineer. “Domo appeals to people because it makes the whole process of data acquisition to report building more affordable and easy for the non engineering user.”

“Domo uses a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows you to connect data sources by dragging and dropping them. Instead of writing code which can be time consuming, you can literally drag and drop different sources and your data is connected,” comments Stephan Genyk, a Software Developer at ROI·DNA.

Simplified Data Presentation

Not too long ago, when data engineers handed off a report to their CEO it was usually accompanied by an explanation of what the data represented and the key takeaways. But the busy life of a CEO doesn’t always afford time for explanations of complex data. To solve this, Domo set out to create data reports that could be dropped on a CEO’s desk and instantly grasped. By creating a way of reporting data that doesn’t require an accompanying explanation, CEOs are able to glance at a report and see the big picture view so they can have more time to focus on more pressing issues like company growth.

“Domo is focused on creating reports that can be viewed and grasped by everyone in the organization – from executives, all the way down,” comments Mike Hay, our Senior Director of Marketing Intelligence here at ROI·DNA. “With the influx and importance of data factoring in business decisions, people are looking to use that data across teams. Given the objectives, Domo is more effective at simplifying data across organizations to reveal the hidden opportunities in their data.”

Answers Tailored to your Questions

When setting up a data set on Domo (referred to as “cards”), you now have the ability to tailor data to answer your most pressing key business questions. Whether you’re looking to determine how to better optimize a nationwide sales team or track pain points in user flows, Domo pulls together all of the pieces to answer those questions. Additionally, because it’s so intuitive, Domo encourages an ongoing dialog with your data over time. Through this process it’s not uncommon to discover hidden opportunities for optimization that you would never have encountered if your data was not centralized.

The value and use cases for Domo are seemingly endless, and even companies that you wouldn’t think of as technology focused are beginning to see the value that Domo provides.

“Our Domo clients range from hardware installers to catering companies to Etsy-type home arts and crafts companies. The diversity of clients really speaks to value of Domo as a tool,” said Goold when asked about what types of companies are using Domo.

“We are finding Domo to be a very flexible platform that gives our customer’s executives views into the data they need to better manage their business,” comments David Saxon, Vice President of Business Development. “The exciting part from a digital marketing perspective is that the innovative ideas we are engaging with them on are more visually appealing ways to display data that has traditionally been static.”

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