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We don’t have time for the skin deep and shallow. Everything we build has a backbone of analytics, insights, and functionality, for continuous optimization and magnified growth.

Smooth skies

Strengthening the digital marketing hand of a nationally renowned airline.

Seatbacks and tray tables up

Virgin America came to ROI·DNA with the aim to enhance digital marketing results. They wanted to partner with an agency that has strong data-driven, multi-channel expertise and on top of that, Virgin America and ROI·DNA share a similar culture and ethos – we knew right off the bat that we were a good match.


increase in
cost effectiveness


increase in
mobile conversions


increase in credit
card approvals

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Finding a common thread

Establishing a brand identity for the pioneer of advocate-assisted commerce.

Bursting at the seams

Needle is pioneering advocate-assisted commerce, connecting customers with passionate brand and product advocates who provide real-time shopping assistance. The founder had a strong vision for the spirit and feel of Needle’s identity, but needed help shaping and defining it. They reached out to ROI·DNA for the job.

Choosing the fabric

First, we began exploratory research and discovery, gaining a deep sense of what makes Needle unique. From there we built out several possible approaches, tying in everything from color palette and typeface to brand narrative and taglines. After close dialogue and exchange with Needle, we established an approach that perfectly embodied the spirit of Needle.

Pinning it down

After establishing our approach, we meticulously crafted the entire visual and linguistic vocabulary for the new and improved Needle brand. Photographic styles, UI elements, iconography, taglines, brand character and narrative, color palette – everything. We even updated their logo to help it sit better with the new and improved strategy.

We collected everything into a brand guideline that Needle uses to inform marketing strategies and ensure consistency for consumer-facing campaigns. And now, Needle is leveraging that branding to help them power online engagement for some of the largest ecommerce websites in the world.

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Crushing it

Creating an optimization machine for a leading anti-malware provider.

They crush malware

Leading anti-malware provider Malwarebytes has removed an estimated five billion pieces of malware from customers’ computers. After our web redesign helped them reach a wider consumer audience, Malwarebytes again sought ROI·DNA’s expertise, this time in digital marketing programs. Starting with SEM and moving on to affiliate marketing, ROI·DNA served up some serious results.

"ROI·DNA are rock stars to work with. They have driven explosive growth with our affiliate program over the last year - with expertise and care. They are a valuable and natural extension of our marketing team."

We crush it in digital marketing

After cleaning up account structure, ad copy, and keywords, we advised on and implemented a better post-click experience. Then we took that setup, expanded it, and localized it for a global program. And the action didn’t stop there - we’re still testing better ads, better landing pages, and adding keywords to drive profitable growth.

Crushing the numbers
290% growth in affiliate base
95%+ content or vertical related affiliates
24%+ avg. number of active affiliates
3600% increase in impressions
7100% increase in clicks
615% increase in conversions
Together, we’re crushing it
Our SEM work drove a 615% increase in conversions and lowered the cost per acquisition. As a result of a lower CPA, Malwarebytes saw a significant increase in year-over-year profits. We now work with Malwarebytes to drive growth in a variety of programs, including
email marketing, display advertising, affiliate marketing, and SEO. And the best part is, we can leverage and share insights across all of Malwarebytes’ programs, maximizing the effectiveness of the entire system. So yeah, you could say we’re crushing it.
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Charting new territory

Taking a leading internet security and antivirus brand into uncharted (mobile) territory.

A distant land

Symantec’s Norton brand has long been an industry-leading provider of internet security and antivirus products – when it comes to computers. Before hiring ROI•DNA, they were virtually unheard of in the world of mobile security. In fact, they faced heavy competition from upstart brands that heavily focused on just this category. People looking for information about mobile security would find these other brands, but not Norton. So what’s a big brand to do?

Mapping the course

We delivered an end-to-end strategy, starting with competitive review and heavy focus on SEO. We brokered the domain purchase, developed interactive, data-driven widgets, guided content strategy, and delivered it across desktop sites, mobile sites, and social media.

Planting the flag
Norton – once unranked in this realm – became first in Google’s organic search results for Symantec’s targeted keywords, within the target timeframe.
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Casting a wider network

A redesigned email strategy boosts conversions for a customizable social platform.

Updating your profile

Ning, a social platform (acquired by Glam Media), enlisted ROI•DNA to redesign their homepage. But while we were multivariate testing options, we discovered some problems with their conversion flow that were leaking potential customers – and a homepage refresh alone couldn’t fix them.

Making the connections

ROI•DNA redesigned and restored Ning’s web presence. But on top of that, learnings from the multivariate testing of their homepage redesign enabled us to craft a retention email campaign series, designed to capture customers who fell out of the buy flow and turn them back into purchasers.

Zero degrees of separation
The campaign performed extremely well: the email campaigns recaptured customers into the conversion flow, increasing overall conversions by 20%. The entire effort reinforced and bolstered the Ning brand, and we followed up by training Ning to successfully implement the series themselves using Silverpop.
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For more eyes only

A real-time information services and analytics company’s dwindling search engine rankings call for a not-so-covert operation.

A suspicious drop

An experienced Neustar management team was strapped for resources for optimizing organic search. The company’s website had undergone a few major redesigns and had fallen in the rankings. So they needed to spend shrewd dollars to regain strong search exposure and visibility to their prospective enterprise clients.

"The organic search channel optimized by ROI•DNA delivers some of our most qualified leads. If this channel broke, there would be a major impact to sales."

Deciphering the intelligence

ROI•DNA analyzed the website structure and isolated areas where Neustar’s redesigns had damaged search placement. Title tags and website content had been changed with only design and infrastructure objectives in mind – not SEO. That affected results for potential domestic customers, but also for those overseas. Neustar works with clients across the globe, so ensuring they showed up on Google UK and everywhere else was just as important as Google.com.

A double(ing) agent
ROI•DNA’s efforts grew Neustar’s targeted keywords exponentially in Google’s top 10 rankings. And those increased rankings had enormous down-the-funnel impact, boosting new leads and increasing sales.
19% Organic traffic increase
30% Total leads increase
75% Top ten keyword increase
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