Finding a common thread

Establishing a brand identity for the pioneer of advocate-assisted commerce.

Bursting at the seams

Needle is pioneering advocate-assisted commerce, connecting customers with passionate brand and product advocates who provide real-time shopping assistance. The founder had a strong vision for the spirit and feel of Needle’s identity, but needed help shaping and defining it. They reached out to ROI·DNA for the job.

Choosing the fabric

First, we began exploratory research and discovery, gaining a deep sense of what makes Needle unique. From there we built out several possible approaches, tying in everything from color palette and typeface to brand narrative and taglines. After close dialogue and exchange with Needle, we established an approach that perfectly embodied the spirit of Needle.

Pinning it down

After establishing our approach, we meticulously crafted the entire visual and linguistic vocabulary for the new and improved Needle brand. Photographic styles, UI elements, iconography, taglines, brand character and narrative, color palette – everything. We even updated their logo to help it sit better with the new and improved strategy.

We collected everything into a brand guideline that Needle uses to inform marketing strategies and ensure consistency for consumer-facing campaigns. And now, Needle is leveraging that branding to help them power online engagement for some of the largest ecommerce websites in the world.

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