Charting new territory

Taking a leading internet security and antivirus brand into uncharted (mobile) territory.

A distant land

Symantec’s Norton brand has long been an industry-leading provider of internet security and antivirus products – when it comes to computers. Before hiring ROI•DNA, they were virtually unheard of in the world of mobile security. In fact, they faced heavy competition from upstart brands that heavily focused on just this category. People looking for information about mobile security would find these other brands, but not Norton. So what’s a big brand to do?

Mapping the course

We delivered an end-to-end strategy, starting with competitive review and heavy focus on SEO. We brokered the domain purchase, developed interactive, data-driven widgets, guided content strategy, and delivered it across desktop sites, mobile sites, and social media.

Planting the flag
Norton – once unranked in this realm – became first in Google’s organic search results for Symantec’s targeted keywords, within the target timeframe.
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