How an international media plan can drive more efficient pipeline growth

November 2, 2022
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Mid-pandemic, Cockroach Labs turned to ROI·DNA to help it rethink its media strategy amid massive industry uncertainty. As a result, Cockroach Labs, a developer of cloud-native SQL databases currently valued at $5 billion, was able to navigate a rapidly transforming marketing landscape successfully and achieve business goals.

Revenue-accelerating results:

  • 87% increase in pipeline revenue QoQ
  • 250% increase in clicks to site QoQ
  • 82% increase in “Cockroach cloud trials” QoQ

Going full-funnel with digital media

When ROI·DNA began our relationship with Cockroach Labs, we were given one BOFU business objective: Drive lead volume to sustain sales pipeline and developer-adoption KPIs amidst pandemic-induced business disruptions. With that in mind, we got to work on building a media strategy that could drive leads at scale but also move up the funnel to drive demand and awareness.  

Strategic partnerships powered by data

As the team built an omnichannel full-funnel media plan for Cockroach Labs, we leveraged Google’s International Growth Program and our Premier Partner status to understand opportunities in EMEA.

We quickly uncovered significant growth opportunities as we dug through the data, and we realized international media should be the centerpiece of our strategy. European markets had strong query & traffic volumes at less expensive CPCs without domestic competitors driving costs up.

With a strategy in place, ROI·DNA implemented three tactics to ensure success:

  1. Restructuring the client’s Google Ads account for drive lead generation across two primary acquisition funnels: developer adoption & sales pipeline generation.
  2. Expanding the lead generation funnel by finding & capturing in-market demand while producing a high ROI, no matter the country or language spoken.
  3. Driving consideration and purchase intent, targeting decision-makers and influencers via competitive campaigns and mid-funnel ad formats.

Upleveling the attribution model

Cockroach Labs historically used an attribution model favoring top-of-funnel content – paid search was typically seen as an inefficient, underperforming channel.  As a result, search budgets were underfunded in favor of social media.

As ROI·DNA worked with Cockroach Labs to re-evaluate its attribution model to consider the entire funnel, it gave us data that empowered us to run paid search with fresh expectations. With this new framework, ROI·DNA incorporated a number of Google Ads products to maximize international growth:

  • Search (O&O and Search Partner Networks): We targeted high-intent queries to drive developer adoption and revenue growth in United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Germany, and more, using IGAP resources to tackle challenges like localization.
  • Google Display Network: Paving the way for additional investment, international prospecting and remarketing campaigns drove qualified leads with image-based responsive display ads.
  • Offline Conversion Tracking: We imported Salesforce conversions into Google Ads to provide data signals for autobidding, which contributed to high-quality, cost-efficient conversions through improved ad targeting.
  • Autobidding: Combining “maximize conversions” tCPA autobidding in unison with Salesforce data from offline conversion tracking boosted lead quality, crucial for elevating down-funnel conversions and pipeline revenue.

Thriving in uncertainty 

ROI·DNA’s international paid media strategy and implementations have delivered impressive results as we’ve worked with Cockroach Labs to rethink their international media strategy, attribution and full-funnel media approach. In the face of a rapidly transforming marketing landscape, Cockroach Labs has not only managed to adapt but also thrive amid uncertainty.

The company recently completed a $278M Series F funding round in late 2021 and is now valued at $5 billion. 

  • 87% increase in pipeline revenue QoQ
  • 250% increase in clicks to site
  • 82% increase in “Cockroach cloud trials” QoQ

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