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Data is our Rocket Fuel.

Data highlights the untold story, the revelation, the true north.

At ROI·DNA, we dig deep to uncover the pivotal insights buried in your mountains of data and set up industry-leading tools to track your future in real-time. We determine which levers to pull and where to add more fuel to the optimization fire. We reveal which channels are truly crushing it, the unsung heroes of your digital media mix, and exactly how well your personalized campaigns are outperforming. We create live visualizations that tell the complete story of how we can win your best customers, together.

From predictive analytics to attribution modeling to reporting automation, we’ll hook you up to the most advanced data engines out there. Data is our rocket fuel. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Analytics architecture
Attribution modeling
Reporting automation
Predictive analytics
Insights and analysis
A/B testing

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